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Only if we expand and reformulate our view of what counts as human intellect will we be able to devise more appropriate ways of assessing it and more effective ways of educating it. – Howard Gardner.

The old saying, ‘learning is done by the learner’ holds true even today. After all what better teacher could there be other than experience itself? However, experience alone may not be enough. In John Dewey’s words, learning truly occurs when we reflect on our experiences. Experiential learning first immerses the learner in an experience and then encourages processing through reflection, conceptualisation and finally application. This process helps develop new skills and new ways of thinking.

Heritage Xperiental Learning School has always believed in a student-centred approach where we help a student realise her/his full potential through co-curricular activities like physical education, performing and fine arts, and experiences such as observations, role playing, case studies, expeditions, simulations, internships, practicums, cooperative and service learning.

In the words of Jerome Bruner, “Much of the process of education consists of being able to distance oneself in some way from what one knows by being able to reflect on one’s own knowledge”. Experiential learning allows us to do just that. This is one of the reasons I am associated with this school. My learning experiences abroad as a researcher, classroom teacher, and as a mentor, coach and trainer of teachers and school leaders of several schools, in the latest research-based pedagogies, finds an easy fit with a school that is ceaselessly working to adapt to this ever-changing world.

Students of today must be self-directed learners, and traditional assessment systems no longer meet this need of the learners. The school has, therefore, embarked on a journey to use assessment in the service of learning and not merely as a measurement of it. We are focused on helping students become independent learners where they play a critical role by assessing their own learning. We employ strategies designed to improve study skills and increase student self-efficacy and ability to self-regulate their emotional, academic, social and physical needs.

The educators at Heritage Xperiental Learning School are constantly refining the art and science of teaching for themselves and are continually equipping themselves with cutting-edge, research-based instructional and assessment practices that can match or even exceed worldwide standards. Our educators are models of lifelong learning which they practice collaboratively. I do not know of any other school internationally, that invests so heavily in teachers’ professional development, and cares so much about providing them adequate resources and planning to best support learning. I see the school as a great learning centre that aspires to contribute to society by developing young minds into creative critical thinkers and problem solvers of tomorrow, with hearts that are caring, self-aware and empathetic.

I hope you will explore this website to learn more about us and, perhaps, join us in the exciting journey we have embarked on to change the way education works in the country.

Rampal Singh


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