• Kala Parv

    Kala Parv, Heritage Xperiential Learning School’s week long annual Art Fest gives students, teachers and parents an opportunity to associate with varied aspects of visual arts. Kala Parv is designed as an annual expedition of four months, which culminates in the exhibition of all forms of visual arts.

    Its aims include informing students about the importance of art history, historical events as well as archaeological discoveries, developing an understanding and value of media and techniques of ancient times, and giving students an experience of Life Skills in real situations.

    During the expedition, students learnt decision making, problem solving, creative thinking, critical thinking, effective communication, interpersonal relationship skills, self-awareness, empathy, coping with emotion and stress.

    This helps students to understand the importance of life skills and an aesthetic sense while giving them an opportunity to organise large-scale events and work as teams.

  • Heritage Theatre Productions

    Theatre allows students to develop the skills of critical and creative thinking, problem solving, communication, historical and cultural understanding and self-awareness, and is therefore integrated into the school curriculum. The curriculum addresses standards and topic from theatre, visual arts, stagecraft, and media arts.

    Children are taught technical theatre design and production. Heritage Xperiential Learning School’s annual calendar of events includes at least four theatre performances by students in the Middle Programme. In Junior Programme too, students get opportunities such as in assemblies and vertical meets to perform in various plays.

    In the Senior Programme, theatre education is imparted through work experience classes which enable students to choose theatre as their career in later life. Some successful productions that have been mounted so far are Swami and Friends, Julius Caesar, The Tempest, The Highwayman, The Pied Piper of Hamelin among others.

    Even more heart-warming is the fact that the entire effort of the production – invitations, synopsis, publicity props, costumes, light and sound, stage management, hospitality, compeering – is taken up by our young children, an indication of how children at the Heritage are capable of taking charge.

  • Wired

    This annual event was born in 2014 out of the Heritans great love of music in all its forms. Organised by student clubs, this rock band competition not only sees the creative musical energies of bands from across the NCR competing in a high octane environment but also the showcasing of some original talent. The judges include a panel of well-known musicians. The bands are judged on individual professionalism, choice of song, band synchronisation and chemistry, presentation and stage presence and technical presence. Prizes are awarded to the best band, best singer, best drummer, best guitarist, best keyboardist and best rhythm guitarist.

    The first edition of the event had 100 students from 12 schools across the NCR competing - four of these were from the Heritage Schools.


    While this annual event provides a platform for students to take to the stage to perform music, dance or drama in a carnival-like ambience featuring games, rides and food, it is also a powerful tool for the students to discover their strengths and develop a higher order of self-awareness. Not only is the student’s perspective enlarges but Yujan’s stage also expands beyond the classroom, curriculum and comfort levels.

    Over 15 student committees work on putting Yujan together which allows students to gain real world skills – critical thinking, problem solving, planning, leading, delegating and executing – which are essential in the outside world.

Disclaimer : All efforts have been made to exclude photographs of children whose parents did not grant us permission, any inclusion is inadvertent and regretted

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