• The school's counselling department provides students with a comprehensive programme designed to look after the emotional wellbeing of all our students. The department aspires to promote an environment that is educationally and psychologically engaging for ourstudents.

    Students are often referred for the following reasons:

    1. Behavioural issues: where the student does not seem to respond satisfactorily to a teacher's intervention

    2. Emotional issues: persistent anger outbursts, moodiness, anxiety and stress

  • 3. Social issues: lack of social skills, alienation, inability to get along with others.

    4. Academic skills: time management, organisational skills, study pressure, memory aids, study skills, lack of motivation

    5. Family issues: which hinder the student's social emotional wellbeing in school

    6. Substance abuse/experimentation

  • The department often works closely with parents, faculty, administration, and outside resources with the goal of achieving the maximum success for each student. Support is provided through individual and group meetings both during and after school hours.