The student clubs and societies at Heritage Xperiential Learning School are forums where student voices hold primacy. These student-led clubs are designed so that an "intentional" environment is created that supports youth leadership and community involvement. These clubs and societies also help the students to develop and hone their skills and interests in different subjects in a non-competitive atmosphere in synergy with the academic programme. A collateral benefit of this is also the application building for college admissions where proven leadership ability through involvement in school clubs is a must.

Click is the school's official photography club and one of the oldest. It aims to provide a platform for budding photographers and help improve their existing skills. It provides a learning and teaching environment amongst peers and encourages new challenges and projects. Student members get the opportunity to learn and understand nuances of photography via internal workshops. They get opportunities to put their photography skills to use at events, workshops, games and expeditions. They also get a chance to teach their skills and demonstrate and display it within the school and via competitions.

Art does not only help restyle today's thinking, but also makes this world a better and more beautiful place to live. Sketch is a club for artistically talented students to showcase their talent and dedication towards art. Members of Sketch believe in authenticity and welcome members who are creative and can help make the school a more beautiful place to study and learn in. Through Sketch, the members aim to make a change by painting wall or mural paintings, sketches and drawings. The members explore different mediums of art and aim to restyle today's thinking through their art.

Oaths and Eaths is a community service and environmental protection club. The club works towards making society a better place for all its members. It believes in the adage, "We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give." Members of this club do voluntary work intended to help the society and environment. In the hope of creating a more aware society, it aspires to raise awareness about matters which would otherwise be overlooked. The club welcomes environment enthusiasts and students interested in community service.

Cinephilia focuses on getting a group of like-minded, passionate people together to express themselves and their creativity through film. The objective is to provide every member with the knowledge required for making movies and encourage students who have the potential and talent for storytelling but no proper resources to make films. The idea is to provide members with a platform to realise their projects in the club and the opportunity to be part of a movie production in a role that suits each member. By the end of the first year, each student is able to shoot on manual mode and adjust camera settings on their own. They also get an understanding of the basic psychology of filmmaking and are able to edit videos through theoretical and practical experience. They also discuss and critique movies

Paradox is a group of enthusiasts who believe in the power of innovation. They are excited by technological progress and the possibilities it offers, the promise it holds and the power it has to make the lives of people better. Paradox is a platform for students of all grades to display their interests in the fields of science and technology. Their vision is to inculcate the excitement, passion, and enthusiasm for technology in the entire student body. Students get a chance to enhance their innovative thinking and scientific approach and also get a chance to promote the applications of technology in the modern world.

The debating society is a great platform for students to showcase their debating skills. The club gives members the opportunity to put forth their views on global issues and current affairs. Being a member of DebSoc helps develop debating skills and gives students the confidence to speak in public while developing general knowledge on current affairs. The purpose of this club is to create awareness about social and cultural issues and make members rational thinkers. It also enhances development of critical thinking skills and allows the members to gain analytical prowess. They also explore different formats of debating, although their primary objective continues to be developing the capacity for extempore debates.

The Literary Society or LitSoc is a platform for those who wish to showcase their literary creativity and imagination through different mediums. The club provides opportunities to those who wish to pursue their love for reading and appreciate different genres of literature. It has a vision to help students find their hidden talent by bringing together technology, good writing and speaking skills and the desire to express oneself effectively. It also aims at fostering a love for language and books in students. Students who wish to become effective communicators, improve language skills, develop awareness of contemporary literature, develop discussion skills - speaking and listening, and explore new-age ways of communication are encouraged to apply.

The idea here is to provide a platform which can be a bridge for the students and where their voices can be heard. The club accepts articles from any student in the senior school. Members of the club take up roles of reporters, writers, reviewers, cartoonists, designers, etc. Some of the regular columns in each edition are: current happenings in the school, club updates, school sports achievements, coverage of events such as Yujan and Wired, reviews, student council updates, global and national news. An editorial page, a cartoon strip, political columns and interviews also featured in every edition.

Students passionate about cooking and baking who would want to learn more and share what they already know are encouraged to join this club. The club organises activities such as the monthly fund-raising baking sales, nutrition awareness workshops, cooking tutorials and is a proponent of the positive body image

Axiom is the official mathematics and science club of Heritage Xperiential Learning School. It has been set up by the students as a forum for intellectual discussion and aims to provide an opportunity for peers to educate and learn from each other. The club encourages its members to explore, discover and create while thinking outside the box. Students who are keen to explore concepts outside the classroom and are passionate about maths and/or science and enjoy problem solving are encouraged to join this club.

Members of Axiom focus on learning how to apply theoretical knowledge in the real world. The club helps its members develop problem solving skills and learn things beyond the constraints of the syllabi, thereby acquiring 21st century skills of innovative mathematical thinking.

The purpose of Transition is to provide an opportunity to students to learn a non-mainstream art such as Electronic Dance Music (EDM). EDM is music that typically has a repetitive beat and a synthesised backing track. The club aims to spread awareness among students about this genre of music by performing at school events and helping them participate in DJ meets, make tracks for school events and even get their music recorded and released professionally.

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