Commercial Art and Packaging

This includes understanding the difference between different communication / advertising products and their design, learning to design products such as letterheads, logos, visiting cards, advertisements, focusing on packaging of products, learning to make handmade paper, among others.

Ceramics and Sculpture

This includes an understanding of how to use Plaster of Paris, wires, and metal scrap; develop an understanding of aesthetically displaying sculptures, indoors and outdoors; and designing pots apart from learning processes such as pinching, coiling, and slabbing. The programme also allows students to practice wheel pottery (centring on the potter’s wheel), achieving independence while working on the potter’s wheel to design items, glaze making and application, exposure to kiln firing and glaze kiln firing.

Textile Designing

Includes developing an understanding of different fabrics and materials, introduction to embroidery, needlework, tie-n-dye, designing patterns for cloth, designing different products, tying, preparing colours, dyeing, batik, preparing final products (stitching), block printing, refurbishing old fabrics and designing new outfits, developing an understanding of fashion trends, etc.

Build Your Future

Based on Maker-Centred pedagogy, Build Your Future has been designed to encourage students to create digital solutions for the various problems they face in their day to day lives. The course focuses on developing computational thinking, algorithmic problem solving, creative programming & digital citizens. Students explore and create with emerging technologies such as 3D printer, Microcomputers, Arduino, Rasbery Pi etc. The course is designed to shift students from passive consumers of technology to creative developers & designers of tech.


Includes general music appreciation; western vocals; classical and choral studies; rock music styles and performances; drums; band performance; team management; keyboard – piano and keyboard music; performance skills; guitar theory; rock band; and performance skills.


Includes western contemporary dance based on jazz and essence of ballet.


This interdisciplinary programme addresses standards and topics from theatre, visual arts, stagecraft, and media arts. Aspects of stagecraft and design applications are explored in connection with the study of theatre literature, music and dance performance and the production of a fully staged public performance of a musical or dramatic work. In addition to performance preparation, students develop their understanding of theatre design and production as collaborative arts, uniting visual and performing arts.

Journalism and New Media

This course is designed to engage students with news and content creation for the school magazine and the blog. The course aims at developing team working skills and enhancing their critical thinking skills. It provides an opportunity to discuss ideas and to utilise the students’ ability to write succinctly, logically and expressively.

Explorer’s Club

This is designed to promote autonomous and group learning of science, maths, geography, life sciences, ecology, etc., using technology as an important entry point.


Coding is an invaluable skill that helps people think computationally, and hence effectively solve problems within and outside computer science. Learning to program fosters problem-solving skills, sparks creativity and enhances logical thinking.

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