Day 1 – IP Grade 8 Outbound Expedition

Our Outbound Expedition for IP Grade 8 started with great enthusiasm, when these students, covered in warm clothings and their backpacks readily carried on their backs, boarded the bus from school and headed for Camp Wild, Dhauj next to the breathtaking Aravali range in District Faridabad, Haryana. The day started with a briefing on the basic rules and students divided in groups for convenient participation in the upcoming fun-filled activities.

After the energizing meal, these young learners participated in a few team-building activities where the game ‘acid circle’ was the highlight of the morning which required them to go through circles made out of ropes in a team, in which all circles could only accommodate a specific number of feet of different students. The exercise was a lesson in coordination and teamwork where certain skills like effective communication and thoughtful observation were learnt which helped them perform this task with great vigour.

After lunch, the two groups that were initially created went to do rappelling and mountain-climbing each, and enjoyed the adrenaline-pumping nature of it. A wonderful team of instructors made sure that the activity went smoothly and under their proper guidance. The teachers who were supporting the groups also had a delightful time being a part of these activities.

Evening marked the beautiful setting of the sun with delicious evening tea and snacks and some free time for the students to sit back and relax, which varied from playing football to enjoying light chitchat while strolling within the camp. A brief interaction post that lead to a minor reflection on the events of the day where they spoke about how a wide variety of emotions overwhelmed them which ranged from sleepiness in the morning to the reviving activity of rappelling and mountain climbing at noon to the mellow emotions of the evening. They also talked about what all they learned in the day and shared it with each other.

In the evening, a comforting bonfire was lit, which involved gigs prepared by students which ranged from singing and dancing to stand-up comedy and magic tricks. The first day of Outbound Expedition truly promised the beginning of an exciting team-building and learning experience for everyone.

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25 March' 2019

Foundation Day follow-up

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