IP Grade 8 Outbound Expedition – Day 2 & 3

Day 2 and 3 of grade 8 expedition went as explosively good as the first day, where it started with the same kind of energizing morning, loaded with sumptuous breakfast and a quick round of warm up exercises. A quick game about team coordination, where the teams of eleven members were required to enter a square area in which, numbers from 1 to 30 were placed on the ground, and members were required to tap in a chronological order using their own strategies. Punches were thrown in the air by those who couldn’t make it but that was soon overtaken by understanding and a sense of camaraderie.

This passed into the continuation of the rock climbing and rappelling activities from the previous day where the group which had done one of the two activities, participated in the other one with commendable enthusiasm. Motivation and cheers were abound in the air when students pushed each other to perform the activities and overcome their fears. A sense of achievement was seen on each one’s face after the feats were accomplished and the joy was shared with each other regarding their ways of overcoming fears and doing it.

After lunch and a break, more team building activities awaited students where teams participated in another game, in which using a foot long semi-cylindrical pipes for all team members, teams were required to transport a marble ball to a distance of several feet into a cup as the end point, keeping this in the air. Strategies and techniques were being devised regarding how could this difficult looking task be done since the marble ball kept rolling down rather than travelling on their pipes. But several experiences of the ball falling motivated them to do better and so they did!

After these team building activities, students were given a surprise for the evening when they were told that they were to prepare their own dinner. Shock and bafflement could be seen on their faces when they realised it was happening for real, but after a relaxing break, they marched head on to the battlefield. These young soldiers divided themselves into different teams, where some cleaned and prepared the rice and daal, while others chopped the vegetables. Another team worked with cooking, while another picked logs and twigs for fuel, ensuring the warmth of the desi ‘chulhas’ never died out. Aromas of sabzi, daal, chawal and sooji ka halwa soon filled the air and all of them were beaming with joy at the victory that they had achieved. A simple yet delicious dinner which made everyone happy, overlapped with the dancing and celebrations around bonfire where music varied anywhere from Punjabi music to English pop!

End of dinner time marked the beginning of the much awaited night trek at the top of the nearby hill, where the view from the top mesmerized everyone. Stargazers lied down on rocks on top of the hill to appreciate the view of the sky, while some looked at the skyline from there, enjoying the view and the rustling of the wind.

Day 3 began with workshop with Family Vision, where the students participated with great enthusiasm. The activity was based on Game Theory’s creator John Nash, titled ‘Win as much as you can’ and marked the active celebration of winning together, where students were made to realise how we all must win to be truly called a winner. Self-centredness was driven out of their minds and reflections made on the activities done during the three days were made, where warmth covered their souls as against the initial preconceived notions and groupism. They understood different values as Family Vision shared different videos and content and brought forward discussions on what it felt like to be truly human, which changed their hearts too. They realised their human worth even more when they were asked to interact with a person in their class and ask a few questions to each other in pairs. Strangers turned into friends and new companionship could be seen, which was a sure sign of their awakening. The final reflection on the learning of the day was truly heartfelt, as students left the Camp Wild in Dhauj, Faridabad and boarded the bus with beautiful memories of the trip and all their friends, the new found ones and the old ones!

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25 March' 2019

Foundation Day follow-up

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