Khoj Update Grade 4C & 4E|Day 2

After an exciting day yesterday, the children had a sound sleep at night. They woke up early in the morning and had their milk and biscuits. After a calming solo time, the children were debriefed on the day’s schedule.

Children went to the sanctuary where the experts oriented them about migratory birds. Post this they started on a tour of the sanctuary to observe the birds which will build their understanding about the observation and research they will do in the later half of the day.

A hearty breakfast was served in the sanctuary followed by a conversation to understand their learning and to clarify their doubts.

Children came back to the camp and enjoyed their free time which included play time and bath. This was followed by scrumptious lunch which they thoroughly relished.

Post lunch, children will go back to the sanctuary for a guided tour focusing on how to make observations for a specific bird species.

Once the children return to the farm, milk and evening snacks will be served to the children followed by some own time.

In the evening while one class will be engaged in watching a video on how birds nest, the other class will be having their circle time to confirm the welfare of the children. Then the two groups will swap.

Children will have dinner and then retire to bed to get energized for another day of adventure.

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