Day 2 | Khoj update Grade 5G, 5H & 5I

Warm Greetings from the Heritage Xperiential Learning School,
The children of grade 5 G, H and I reached the organic farm near Sultanpur
after a comfortable bus journey at 8:10 am. Brimming with excitement,
they freshened up and had a hot breakfast with milk.
The day began with a small session around the side effects of weeds by the
farmers. Students were instructed about the steps to remove the weeds
from the fields for better growth of the crops. They had a refreshment break
in between.  This will be followed by an interactive session with the farmers
wherein they get an opportunity to seek clarity on the inquiry questions.
They will also gain insight on the process of Photosynthesis in our
environment. Lunch will be served at around 1 pm.
Post lunch they will go for Mulching in the fields. They will also spray
decomposer in the field in the form of ‘Bio spray’ to protect the crops from
any damage. Bio spray is a very important aspect of organic farming and
will help students to gain clarity about the myriad of benefits it entails.
 After the intensive field work, the children will freshen up, have an evening
snack and will leave back for school from the farm at 4:15 pm. The expected
time of arrival at school is 5:10-5:15 pm. However, you will receive a
confirmation about the same through an SMS.  Kindly keep a buffer time of
15 minutes before/after the expected time of arrival.
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Warm Regards

Disclaimer : All efforts have been made to exclude photographs of children whose parents did not grant us permission, any inclusion is inadvertent and regretted

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