Khoj Update grade 6E and 6F| Day 1

Our Grade 6 students left the school premises this morning at around 7:15 am to rediscover historical Delhi! The children are enthusiastically looking forward to this learning expedition with their friends and teachers.

Children started their day by visiting the precincts of Rashtrapati Bhawan and India Gate. They discovered that today is Infantry Day and witnessed the Gun Salute. The children were enthralled to watch the march past.

The destination invited them with pleasant and comfortable weather. To begin with, they played ice breaker games and took time to warm up to the surroundings and their facilitators. After being formed into four groups, each with one teacher and one facilitator from Disha, they were provided with booklets that they have started filling in with their observations and their reflections. While at India Gate, the curious minds have already launched into inquiring and discussing the significance of the monument and what role it played in the British era.

Children will then head towards the hostel premises, VYK. After lunch, students will embark on another journey to explore the offerings of Connaught Place – the pride of British established marketplaces in the heart of Delhi – and to view it through the lens of a historian. They will savour some delicacies at the famous Wenger’s, one of the capital’s oldest confectionery shops.

Working in their newly formed groups, students will be acquainted with themes that they will take up as their projects. They will discuss their daily findings and observations in their groups where the facilitators will aid them to interpret about the British administration and governance and close the sessions with their inferences around their themes. Before they call it a day, children will also share their experiences and reflections of the first day of their learning journey during Circle Time.

12 November' 2018

Khoj Update grade 6C and 6D| Day 1

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