Khoj Update grade 6E and 6F| Day 3

Day 3 at Khoj commenced with a morning trek at Chandni Chowk, situated in the heart of Delhi. They walked the lanes of the old marketplace established by Shahjahan’s daughter gathering their inferences about the way it must have been during Mughal times. Facilitators provided them with relevant facts about the architecture and layout, the genesis of its name and its importance – past and present. Soon after, they had a sumptuous breakfast of stuffed paranthas at an eatery by the name of ‘Paranthewale Gali’. The popular eatery established in 1871 is host to eager celebrities from across the country.

While in Chandni Chowk, children devoted time to observe the remnants of features of Mughal architecture in some buildings, most of which have made way for recent renovations. They were acquainted with the religious confluence of early residents resulting in a Jain temple, Gurudwara, Mosque and Church located in the same vicinity.

With the view of building their understanding of community living, children were shown a residential complex that was originally owned and used by the Jain community of traders. The present residents maintain the charming Jain temple that the children had the opportunity to visit. The carefully crafted and well preserved interiors of the temple evoked awe among the children. Children took down notes after they came out of the temple in their booklets with the help of their facilitators and teachers. They also visited the precincts of another residential complex which is now in a worn-down condition but has evidence of its past glory. The purpose of this visit was to also examine a market place and residential dwellings of the Mughal period.

After having lunch, rest and spending time unwinding with their peers at the hostel, children will be taken to a Lutyen’s- styled British Bungalow. It is hoped that they will be able to derive a contrast of architectural features with buildings that were established by the British during their rule.

Children have started identifying the primary sources and the secondary sources while reconstructing India’s history.

In the evening session, narrative – theatrical devices will again be emphasised upon. Children will work towards their final presentation by weaving in the information they have gathered through their visits, inferences and discussions. Aside from the academic value it has, children have been seen to be thoroughly enjoying this exercise.

12 November' 2018

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