Khoj Update grade 6E and 6F| Day 5

Khoj is drawing to a close for our Grade 6 students today. As a final sojourn of their learning journey, they will be at Qutub Minar complex. The grand buildings of the complex are the reminders of the glorious Delhi Sultanate. Children spent time inferring and investigating mainly four structures within the complex – Qutub Minar, Quwwat –ul-Islam Masjid, Iltutmish’s tomb, and Alai Darwaza. The existence of the Iron pillar and Hindu temples in the precincts of the complex was a revelation to the explorers. Given that they have had an exposure to other prominent time periods and reigns, it gives them yet another opportunity to compare and contrast different aspects and themes.

Children will be heading back to the hostel for lunch and to freshen up. The five-day learning journey will culminate in Narrative enactment presentation based on the themes. Last evening, they worked diligently on amalgamating the stories and information they have gathered through monument and museum visits and in-depth discussion. Their understanding has been so deeply built, that they were found not referring to the booklets that have been provided to them. The presentations promise to be informative and fun for all.

The Narratives developed by students will be refined further with the help of teachers and will rest in portfolios for the term. Further, these very themes will be taken up in the class as well to rearticulate and create a comprehensive description of the same.

It is heartening to see that children are collaborating and well. They are looking forward to coming home and reuniting with their families.

Please note that the expected time of arrival of students of 6E and 6F at school is around 5.15 p.m. Kindly be there on time and carry your parent i-card. Students of 6E and 6F will have a holiday tomorrow and rejoin school on Friday, 2nd November, 2018.

12 November' 2018

Khoj Update grade 6C and 6D| Day 1

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