Khoj Update Grade 7E & 7F|Day 5


The final day of Khoj is rife with excitement for students. After milk and breakfast, students packed their bags while teachers ensured they did not leave behind anything.

By 9:30 AM the group left for the campaign for which they had been preparing so earnestly. The rubric for assessment of the campaign has be shared and discussed with students. As you read this, students must be performing the nukkad natak at the respective neighbourhoods in Gurgaon.

After the campaign, they will proceed to Bittu Tikki Wala for lunch and then to the school. There, students will have a self-reflection session, followed by a closure circle time. As part of the circle time, they will share their achievements during the 4 days of Khoj.

Today, they leave as more confident and self-aware active citizens.

Students look forward to sharing their experience with you, parents, when they meet you today at the school.

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